“Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.”
Deborah Chaskin

An empowering hospitality experience, delicious food, closeness to nature and the sea, interesting people. You don’t need to be a spiritualist or a guru of self-awareness. All we ask is– be yourself. Overcome your feelings of suspicion and deepen your curiosity. Stop for a moment to look around and realize that everyone is just like you. Everyone wants to be and feel part of a large and embracing community– even if you have never heard of reversing or Wim Hof.

We are here to support you. To introduce you to our facilitators/instructors and allow you to connect with their energy. Unleash the creativity within you. Together with them, it wlll be more simple. Just choose and feel you are within yourself.


Ran Gerson – Sound Healing

Ran Gerson is a professional musician, music producer with a recording studio in Kiryat Tivon, composer, teacher, student, researcher and frequency therapist. He conducts workshops on sound healing and musical instruments from ancient cultures.

Since 2006 he has been traveling with the aim of learning music, and through it, the laws of nature and the universe, bring this knowledge to the benefit of people wherever they are as an inseparable part of the universe.

From 2011 he has been engaged in sound therapy and conducts workshops throughout the country and the world (Spain, Germany, USA, Mexico, Guatemala and more) for the general public, companies, organizations, festivals and private events.


Adriano Haubel – Theta Healing

Intuitive healer, summoning mentor and certified Theta Healing teacher.
Conducts workshops on manifestation, connection to the abundance of the universe, body image and sessions on anxiety and self-love.

Theta is a subtle wave that is responsible for dreaming in the brain and through it you can identify, arrange, and solve everything that holds you back in life such as physical, mental and emotional problems, challenges in relationships, financial problems and even produce the life you have always dreamed of through “measurement” and “assimilation” of beliefs and feelings positive subconscious.

The energetic world is found in every particle and atom in the universe, each and every one of us carries energy and from here each and every one of us emits infinite light.

Want to connect with the highest energy of the universe? – Talk to me



Isabel Adler – Naturopath

Certified Naturopath (ND),
Entrepreneur and owner of ‘Silo Tarbut’ in Hod Hasharon, a home/ center of well being.

She practices and studies Buddhism, and you can meet her in the spaces of the movement.

Isabel’s flagship workshops,
– Body cleansing and rejuvenation workshop
In the sessions, Isabelle provides her participants with everything necessary to start treating our diet as the source of health for our body and mind.

The guiding principle is “Your health is in your hands” or “Take responsibility for your life”.
The responsibility is for keeping the animals within us.
– RAW healthy and sweet chocolate workshop – “La Dolce Vita” ..
An unforgettable introductory workshop with “Food of the Gods”.
– In her lastest travels she discovered Trance dance in Portugal with the founder of the method
Wilbert alix and today enables this space in the country.

– Created ‘Female Tuesday’ – a female feast around women is a marker of longevity
The hospitality includes plenty of local food, free-flowing wine, engrossing and intriguing content.

And a bit of the mindset that guides me these days:
Ready to leave automaton in favor of new sensations, brings more playfulness to work.
With a lot of curiosity, time to wander, find people to think with.

Not tempted by magic solutions full of sugar.

Creates more movement in my life.


Risi – Reversing

Rishi began his training in 1996 by learning to train therapists and guide groups at the School of Transformation in Pune. The school combines Eastern spirituality and Western therapy (Osho Multiversity Pune India).

His focus is on breathing and bioenergetic work supported by Western therapies originating from the work of Willem Reich and Alexander Leon (the fathers of physical psychotherapy) Dr. Arthur Jenov – primal therapy and first emotions and other in-depth and groundbreaking therapy tracks (Osho Diamond Breath).

He has undergone additional training at Osho centers in Greece and Italy. He specializes in energy work, primal therapy and learning meditation.

Additional specializations of his are in the fields of healing including Recall Healing and the Ho’oponopono healing method.

He is a member of Netivim Latid, an association that works to increase self-awareness and study practical spirituality.

Since 2010, he has been conducting a training course for breathing therapists, guiding meditation and accompanying healing and growth processes.


Karin Lehiani – Ecstatic Dance

Creates spaces to observe personal development, healing and emotional-movement research.

Entrepreneur and emotional coach,

Founder of the “Ecstatic Women” community and seminars for personal development “Sulphuria”

Discovers the passion of bringing people together and creating heart-tribe-community connections.


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